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Write a Virus

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Disable Android animationsDisable Android animations

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Disable Android animations: Mobile smartphones with Android and tablets have animations when moving between apps and screens, of course these animations look very slick, but we have good reason to block or minimize, because:

- wasting time (even if only 1-2 seconds, to 10 windows 20 sec)

- unnecessary battery energy consumption

- Slow navigation between different applications and interface screens

By disabling animations will accelerate the navigation between different screens and apps on your phone or tablet. Of course, you can also speed up the animations if you’d rather see them. This option is located deep in the Android system, and a simply user will not find. It is hidden because it is only for development purposes, and will be introduced in the next versions of Android, but adventurers can enjoy these advantages right now

» I have made so

I touched the Apps button, and in next window I selected Settings. In next window, bottom, touched About phone or About tablet option. Here, scrolled further down and selected the Build number. If you have an older version of the Android phone must quickly tap seven (7) times. A message appeared You are now a developer! Open the Developer Options screen and slide the switch at the top of the screen to On

In this menu I disabled 1.) - "Window animation scale", 2) - "Transition animation scale", and 3.) - "Animator duration scale". Acceleration felt immediately

» More Details

Tap the set Apps Apps icon, and select Settings

set Apps

Scroll down to the link contacts on your device and press About device

About device

Scroll down to the Build number field and tap it. (If you have an older version of the phone must quickly tap seven (7) times)

Build number

A message appear: You are now a developer!

You are now a developer

Here, in the middle of the screen, there are three (3) options:

1.) - "Window animation scale", 2) - "Transition animation scale", and 3.) - "Animator duration scale"
Tap each link to determine the level of animation, higher, lower or completely deactivated. If you’d like to speed up the animations without disabling them entirely, select the Animation 0.5x option instead. Even this minimum option produces spectacular acceleration

select 0,5x

(Secret: Phones, tablets with older versions of Android system are slower, change the window or the interface between applications slowly (very slowly), for this serves the animation, while the app loads, loading animation to show during this process)

Tip: If your Android phone is really old, replace it with a new as soon as possible, because you lose a lot of visible effects, useful options, more advantage


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