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Windows Hyper-V Virtual Machine. In Windows 8 and 10 are implemented very useful new features, including virtual machines. Anyone can create their own virtual machine at any time.

RAW format


RAW format

The main reason of pendrive failur, is that simply shoot from USB input. STRICTLY PROHIBITED. The device turn back to RAW file system, so the Windows system don't see correctly.

USB bootable

USB bootable


Create USB Flash Drive with Rufus program. For quickly installation of Windows, the very good method is, if you copy on a USB Flash Drive your system (flash drive is faster than pendrive).

Making movies VideoMaking movies Video

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Making movies Video: Can remove any video, parts wrong, if it was recorded or was later converted to MPEG2. Recommended that films made, (eg television) cameras and others, to be saved in MPEG2 format, because we work with Mpeg2cut2 program. Can remove the advertising included in the video, recorded television

With a few clicks can reduce the size of the video, removing sequences, taken from non-compliance burdens. There is only one program of this purpose, which is free, working fast, and is of high quality:

Mpeg2Cut2 version: 2.8.6 (Build B418)...

» I have made so

I downloaded, installed and started MPEG2cut2 program

The video was not in format MPEG2, so I turned with (Altysoft Free Video Converter). In the program, opened from the main menu, in the top left, File I selected the option OPEN and in Explorer window, located the recorded video, the one I wanted to be cut

On the program is a "slider", that can move with the mouse cursor, to select the desired sequence deletions. I drag the "slider" to the desired image to be last

I selected through the combined use mouse and keyboard. The program showed how I want to save the video

» I select whether First sequence

I moved with mouse the "sliding" to the image that wanted to be cut. To select the picture, I used the arrow keys on keyboard down-up, left-right. I showed in program first sequence that I wanted to be cut by clicking with the mouse on the program menu, the right to sign (icon) [

» I select whether Last sequence

I drag the slider until the image want to be the last, and designated to program who wish to cut

Therefore, I did click, on the right menu, end marked (icon): ]

With that I also finished. Simple, no?

Now I save selected video sequence so that, in the top of the program menu, I clicked on FILE and in the menu chose SAVE THIS CLIPS. In Pop -up box Explorer appeared, I entered the path. For example with the name "My video" on the Desktop or on drive C:/ or D/

If you want to trim more details, not close the program MPEG2cut, but after saving move the mouse sequence further still with this procedure and select the following videos

These videos saved should be numbered. For example: video1, video2, video3, etc. So "video1" will be Top our film, and "video3" will be End

If you start from the end of the movie, it would be a bit funny, not? Preparation of the video SVCD, VCD, or DVD: who already use Windows 7 or Windows 8, it's easy to create videos or DVD with to the program implemented Windows DVD Movie Maker because is part of the system

» More Details

Download and install MPEG2cut2

Mpeg2Cut2 version: 2.8.6 (Build B418)...

Download Mpeg2Cut2

If the video is not in MPEG2 format, converted to an appropriate program. For example: Altysoft Free Video Converter

Major Buttons:

mpeg cout2

[ =Use this button to select the clip you want to be Top:

< =Back 1 frame.

<< =Previous 2 frame

4< =4 frames back

9< =Previous 9 frame

9> =9 Next frame

4> =4 Next frame

>> =Next 2 frame

> =Next 1 frame

] =Use this button to select a clip that we want to be End

B and L = says color and strength (feel free to use). Other buttons can be used for the experiment, but with these basic settings can be successfully cut our videos. Video opens in the program MPEG2cut2 in the FILE menu, and select OPEN

mpeg cout

In the resulting window Explorer locate video that you want to cut

mpeg cout

Drag the "slider" to the desired image to be last. Select with using the mouse and keyboard combination. The program shows how you want to save the video

» Select the clip you want to be TOP

Move with the mouse "sliding" on image you want to cut. To select an image, use the arrow buttons on the keyboard down-top, right-left. Show, for program, the first sequence you want to be cut, so click with the mouse on the program menu, on the right, the sign (icon) [

mpeg cout

» Select the clip you want to be END

Drag the slider to the desired image to be last, and show the program that you want to cut. You can also use the selection keyboard. Therefore, in the right menu, click on mark (icon)]

- Show saved portion

mpeg cout

Now save the selected sequence, so that on the top of the program menu, click on FILE and choose the option SAVE THIS CLIPS. In the pop-up box Explorer appeared, enter the backup path

mpeg cout

For example: create and save in a folder named My movie or named whatever you want, or save on the Desktop, or C:/ or D:/ drive

If you want to trim more sequences with MPEG2cut program, not close, but after saving the sequence, move with the mouse further still with this procedure and select the following videos. These sequences saved, must be numbered. For example: video1, video2, video3, etc. So "video1" will be Top, and "video3" will be End. If you start from the end of the movie, it would be a bit funny, not?

Done. Close the program

» Preparing a film SVCD, VCD, or DVD

Who is already using Windows 7 or Windows 8, it's easy to create videos or DVD to the program implemented the "Windows DVD Movie Maker" because is part of system that can easily edit movies


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