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Updating Windows Drivers. The regular incremental updates are essential for performance and security because the Computer speed and performance depends on the current drivers state.




Windows Hyper-V Virtual Machine. In Windows 8 and 10 are implemented very useful new features, including virtual machines. Anyone can create their own virtual machine at any time.

RAW format


RAW format

The main reason of pendrive failur, is that simply shoot from USB input. STRICTLY PROHIBITED. The device turn back to RAW file system, so the Windows system don't see correctly.

Show seconds in Taskbar clockShow seconds in Taskbar clock

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Show seconds in Taskbar clock: - You can enable seconds display in the Clock on the taskbar in the bottom, right side of the screen. It is an old feature, but of security only works with the default settings. Having regard to inexperienced users

Microsoft team in Redmond, occasionally, launches new versions of Windows for testing, or final versions, where introduced new features, but not yet activated, or this is features old, but of computer stability are introduced only basic settings for inexperienced users, or because might not be complete and can cause problems to users. We can enjoy the benefits of these features already now, only can be activated. Such expansion feature is the clock on the taskbar with secondary indicator

Show seconds in Taskbar clock

» I did it as follows:

  • I pressed on the keyboard Win + R keys simultaneously

  • In the Run window appeared, I typed regedit

Searched the following registry key:


In this window clicked with the right button of the mouse on an empty space and from the pop-up menu, I chose the following:

  • New

  • DWORD (32-bit) Value - (it created a new DWORD entry)

  • The newly created DWORD key I renamed into: ShowSecondsInSystemClock

  • To validate, clicked on an empty space in this window

  • Clicked again with the right button of mouse, on this new entry

  • In the edit window appeared, I changed the value 0 (zero) in the amount of 1 (one)

  • Ready

  • It took just 1 minute

After reboot or log off - log in, the clock function with secondary display

» More Detailed

Open Registry Editor

  • Press the Windows + R key simultaneously on the keyboard

  • Press the Windows + R key
  • Appears RUN window in the bottom, left. Enter -regedit- and then click on Ok

  • Apare fereastra RUN

  • Appears Registry Editor. Search: HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\Advanced key and click on Advanced with the left mouse button

  • Search Advanced registry key

  • Click on one empty space with right button of mouse, and in the appeared menu click on New and then click on DWORD (32-bit) Value


  • Will appear as a new recording, named New Value #1

  • New Value #1

  • Click with the right button of mouse, on this new entry, and from the pop-up appeared click now with the left mouse button on Rename. Rename in:ShowSecondsInSystemClock

  • Rename

  • Click again with the left mouse button on this newly created DWORD key, and from pop-up menu select Modify

  • Modify

  • In the Value name box enter number 1 (one) and click on OK

  • Value name

Ready. You can close all windows. Restart the computer to take the effect

» Download clock.exe

Depending on the complexity described above, it is not necessary to do anything: Only download clock.exe (314 KB) ready made. Just two clicks and it works. Restarting is necessary

Error after reboot?

If d'ont show Seconds in Taskbar Clock, does not appear, make sure you use these description correctly. Open the registry editor again, and verify that you have entered the ShowSecondsInSystemClock name correctly. Check if you have entered number (1) (one). Locate you have entered all the data in the registry key corresponding

Warning! Modify registry entries and use this description only at your own risk. Open the next page on a smartphone or tablet, or on another computer, where you can watch how to restore your system in case of failure: description here … or Restore to factory settings …


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