Microsoft Windows-10-X

Microsoft Windows-10-X

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Microsoft Windows-10-X

Now you can try the new generation of Windows 10X. Below you will find detailed instructions for running Windows 10X Build 20279.1002 on Hyper-V, ie on the virtual machine. The final version of Windows 10X is near and many would like to get acquainted with the new Microsoft operating system, which was built on the Windows Core OS project.


Of course, in the spring of last year (2020), the company launched a Windows 10X emulator, but not everyone managed to run it, partly due to the lack of support for the built-in virtualization of AMD processors. Microsoft has now released in Windows Update an internal version of Windows 10X 20279.1002 from the fe_release_10x branch, downloaded from the "scattered" CAB files and then converted to a VHDX virtual disk by known testers, to make it possible to run the system in Hyper-V ( Windows Virtual Machine) for testing.

Full version number: 10.0.20279.1002.fe_release_10x.201214-1532.

If you want to try Windows 10X on your computer, use this step-by-step guide to start your system in Hyper-V.

True, the method will only work on Windows 10 Pro and Enterprise, because Home Edition does not have the ability to install a Hyper-V virtual machine.

Hyper-V installation:

1.) First, make sure you have Windows 10 Pro or Enterprise installed. Press Windows -Logo + R at the same time on the keyboard, type the command winver in the Run window that appears, and then press Enter. to begin. In the About window that appears, next to the Version entry, you will find the current version number.

the current version window

2.) Open the Windows Features window as follows:

Press Windows -Logo + R at the same time on the keyboard, type the optionalfeatures command in the Run window that appears, and then press Enter. The "Turn Windows features on or off" window appears.

type optionalfeatures in Run

3.)In the window that will open, select the "Hyper-V" check box (scroll down in the window) and click "OK".

select the Hyper-V check box

4.) Wait for the changes to take effect. Patience 2-3 seconds. Finally, a new window will ask you to restart the operating system. Click OK. After rebooting the system, log in to Windows if necessary and continue as follows:

Create Windows 10X virtual machine:

5.) First, download the VHDX file, which already includes Windows 10X system from this link, created by a user named Albacore from Russia, 2.15 GB). The site is in Russian, however, after registration you will immediately enter the site and the download will start automatically. If not, click on the file shown in the image below.

Download Windows 10 X- 10.0.20279.1002.fe_release_10x.201214-1532 »»

Download Windows 10 X

6.) Extract (for example with 7zip) the VHDX file from the archive to any folder on your hard drive (it is best to create a folder on the desktop (in this example always: renamed as Win10-X).

Download 7-zip »»

extract it with 7zip

7.) Open the Hyper-V Manager. Just start typing the Hyper-V command in the search box on the left side of the taskbar (in the image below I marked where). Usually, after typing the first 2-3 letters, the search engine will find the Hyper-V Manager and display the icon immediately, just click on it and it will start if you have activated the Hyper-V service according to step 3 (if Hyper-V is not activated yet, the icon will not appear in the search engine, so in this case, go back to steps 2-3 - and activate).

After the Hyper-V Manager window appears, click the "Connect to Server" link in the right bar.

Open the Hyper-V keyboard

8.) In the new menu bar that appears on the right, click on the "New" menu button, then in the small window of the new menu items that appear, click on the "Virtual machine ..." button.

click the Virtual Machine button

9.) In the Virtual Machine Wizard window that opens, on the first page with "Before you Begin" do not change anything, just click on the "Next" button at the bottom. In the "Specify Name and Location" window, enter any name (eg Windows 10X) and click the "Next" button.

click Next

10.) The "Specify Generation" window appears. The best choice is the "Generation 2" option and then click the "Next" button.

11.) In the "Assign Memory" window, enter the amount of RAM for the virtual machine. 4096 MB (4 GB) is recommended, but if not possible, allocate at least 1024 MB (2 GB). Click the "Next" button.

12.) The "Configure Networking" function appears. VERY IMPORTANT!: Windows 10X does not support creating local accounts, so an internet connection is required. This can only be done by clicking the small down arrow and switching from the drop-down option to Default Switch. If unchecked, the installer will stop!

checked Default Switch


13.) In the next step, in the "Connect Virtual Hard Disk" window, select the option "Use an existing virtual hard disk" and enter the VHDX file called "Flash.vhdx" that you downloaded from the Internet in step 5 and unzipped on the desktop (or elsewhere). Finally, click the "Next" button and then "Finish".

Connect Virtual Hard Disk

14.) In the Hyper-V Manager window on the left, click the virtual machine you created, and then click the Setting button on the right. Open the "Processor" section and, if possible, enter 4 in the "Number of virtual processors" field. If this is not possible, you can try specifying 2.

enter 4 cores

15.) Finally, click "Apply" and then OK to finish. Click the "Connect" button on the right menu to install Windows 10X.

Click the Connect button

16.) In the window that appears, click the "Start" button. You can also specify any language during installation, just scroll up or down in the window. In the meantime, you need to enter a PIN code.

I warn you: Do not sign in with your Microsoft account, as it will interfere with the system running on your computer and you will not be able to fix it in the event of an error. To test Windows 10X, register a new account!

click the Start button

17.) Wait for the operating system to load (veeeeerrrrryyyyyyyy slowly!). Patience. The process is not fast, it can take 5-10 minutes, in some cases maybe even longer. If no error appears on the screen, don't worry. Wait patiently.

Finally, when the installation is complete, the first window will appear (maybe a little strange). You have to get used to it.

released Windows 10 x desktop

Proper system operation requires drivers created according to the "Windows Drivers" (or DHCU) model, which are not available on all devices.


If the screen resolution is incorrect, run Windows PowerShell as administrator and type the following command:

Caution: This Windows 10X program is only a trial version, not an official version, so do not change the resolution unless necessary!

Set-VMVideo -VMName "Windows 10X" -ResolutionType Single-HorizontalResolution 1920 -VerticalResolution 1080

In the command line above, the -VMName equivalent is the name of the virtual machine (in this example: Win10-X), that you entered in step 6.

The -HorizontalResolution and -VerticalResolution parameters indicate the number of pixels. The example sets the resolution to 1920 × 1080.

Do not forget: The process is quite complicated and all operations can be performed only at your own risk.

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