Internet Cookies Regulation

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Internet Cookies Regulation: On this website,, Google Analytics measures the number of visitors, and analyze data to AdWords (Google advertising) for the effectiveness of Google ads. So not be placed from the website these cookie (browser cookie) on your computer, to be installed via the browser, with your permission. These cookie is available since Internet, but now is strictly regulated by the European Parliament.

Regulation of the use of cookies

In accordance with the European Directive of 26 May 2012, website owners, before being installed this Internet Cookies, has the obligation to request your approval. When you open this site, warning banner appears on the bottom of the browser used.

What is a cookie?

The cookie is a small text file containing an identifier (a series of letters and numbers) that is installed on your computer when you open a site. Cookies may be stored for various periods of time, or only occasionally, or longer.

What contains a cookie?

Unless you delete cookies from your computer, later, when open again site, the browser will read faster data stored in the text file, as it first appeared. Cookies contain information collected on the browser used, such as use of language, or IP address, but does not contain personal data.

Deleting / blocking cookies

In the "Settings" menu of the browser, you can delete or block cookies at any time

Deleting cookies with certain program

The Ccleaner program effectively delete all cookies from your computer. CCleaner.exe ...


The site not uses cookies to collect data, this text message is sent to the Web server through your browser (eg. Firefox, Internet Explorer, Chrome, etc.) to facilitate the management of site you are visiting. This small text file no contains relevant information, or personal information about the user status, which could be identified.


We stress that the site, not uses cookies to identify the user, or collect personal data.