Windows / Android acceleration

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Microsoft Windows 11

shutdown / restart:

A simple shutdown/restart.cmd script that shuts down, restarts, hibernates or disconnects the computer.

More details ...22.APR.2024 / Updated: ---

Hibernate Windows:

Microsoft disabled this feature in the shutdown menu. However, it can be easily restarted.

Activate ...16.MAR.2024 / Updated: ---


Let's clean the Windows Event log of old, outdated, expired entries.

More detail ...01.MAR.2024 / Updated: ---

AI «8K» wallpaper:

AI - 8K wallpapers generated by artificial intelligence, in an impressive 7860 x 4320.

AI images ...14.FEB.2024 / Updated: ---

33 useful CMD scripts:

33 useful command that you just need to click and the functions found in the deepest parts of Windows will appear.

Download ...12.FEB.2024 / Updated: ---


Check Disk is a built-in Windows tool that looks for damaged files or bad sectors on the hard disk.

Verification ...06.FEB.2024 / Updated: ---

Thorough system cleaning:

Run the Cleanup-Image.cmd file to clean up the remnants of the unwanted Windows system file.

System clean ...01.FEB.2024 / Updated: ---

Disk Cleanup tool:

With Disk Cleanup, you can reduce the number of unnecessary files on the selected drive, making your computer run faster.

Thorough cleaning ...28.IAN.2024 / Updated: ---

MacOS theme on Windows:

If you would like to install a MacOS theme, so-called "skin" on Windows, the free "Rainmeter" program could be an excellent choice.

Own themes ...28.JAN.2024 / Updated: ---

Windows 12 wallpaper:

Impressive modern MacOS wallpaper suitable for any device with logo concept of next version Windows 12.

Windows 12 wallpaper ...02.JAN.2024 / Updated: ---

MacOS wallpaper on Windows:

A free MacOS wallpaper for Windows that gives your device a beautiful and modern look as wallpaper for your laptop, monitor or tablet.

MacOS on Windows ...07.JAN.2024 / Updated: 29.JAN.2024

BIOS flash USB:

The update on the USB flash drive will start the BIOS firmware, where you will be asked if you really want to update.

Update ...03.MAR.2022 / Updated: ---

BIOS update:

Modern motherboards include a BIOS update program, which can be installed from under Windows and is more secure to install.

From under Windows ...27.FEB.2022 / Updated: ---

Disable ads:

They are usually caused by bloatware, which provides unnecessary service or recording using the hard drive.

Disable advertising ...29.JAN.2022 / Updated: ---

Disable notifications:

Notifications are sent from the system, or from third-party programs that appear in the lower-right corner of the taskbar.

Block messages ...24.JAN.2022 / Updated: ---

Bing Wallpaper app:

Contains images from around the world. As with the built-in Windows application, you can see a new desktop image every day.

Wallpaper ...23.DEC.2021 / Updated: ---

Automated programs:

There is a trick that can reduce the installation time of programs on Windows 11, they can be installed up to hundreds.

Silent Mode ...20.DEC.2021 / Updated: ---


Automatic e-mail notification and e-mail management service in Windows 11.

E-mail manager ...08.DEC.2021 / Updated: ---

Running old programs:

Microsoft engineers were also thinking about running the very old program or game on Windows 11.

Windows 11 ...08.NOV.2021 / Updated: ---

Restore point:

If you are about to change the registry, it is a good idea to create a system restore point.

System Restore ...04.NOV.2021 / Updated: ---

Disable services:

Turning off unnecessary Windows 11 and other features frees up resources and helps optimize your gaming experience.

Windows service ...03.NOV.2021 / Updated: ---

Turn off indexing:

A lot of resources are lost on a computer with multiple drives if you are constantly searching for newer files to index.

Windows indexing ...30.OCT.2021 / Updated: ---

"My Computer" icon on the desktop:

Fortunately, in Windows 11 it wasn’t deleted, it was just put elsewhere so it could easily be displayed again on the Desktop.

This PC icon ...20.OCT.2021 / Updated: ---

Bypass TPM2.0/Secure Boot:

Creating a Windows 11 ISO with a modified version of Rufus.exe, which must be downloaded from the github website.

TPM2.0/Secure Boot ...12.OCT.2021 / Updated: ---

Hyper-V Bypass TPM 2.0:

Creating a Windows 11 ISO with a modified version of the MediaCreationTool program to be downloaded from the github website.

Old computer ...10.OCT.2021 / Updated: ---

Bypassing TPM 2.0:

Install Windows 10 on a Hyper-V virtual machine and then upgrade to Windows 11 using Windows Update.

Virtual machine ...06.OCT.2021 / Updated: ---

Flush DNS cache:

If your Internet speed is stagnant or slow, you may want to clear your computer's DNS cache.

SpeedUp Internet ...30.SEPT.2021 / Updated: ---

SpeedUp Windows 11:

9 Windows 11 and Computer Acceleration Tips: Delete unnecessary files, upgrade the system, replace the slow HDD drive with an SSD drive.

Speed Up ...02.SEPT.2021 / Updated: ---

How To Bypass TPM 2.0:

Create installable Windows 11 ISO image bypassing TPM 2.0, Secure Boot and UEFI restrictions.

TPM 2.0 ...29.AUG.2021 / Updated: ---

Speed Up Windows 11:

If Windows 11 (7,8,10) is slow, replace the obsolete HDD (hard disk, winchester) with an SSD.

Acceleration ...15.AUG.2021 / Updated: 24.APR.2022

Windows 11 gratis:

Get the free, cheaper, or more expensive Windows 11 activation key.

More details ...04.AUG.2021 / Updated: ---

New Generation Win 11:

Now you can try the new generation of Windows 11.

Description ...18.JUL.2021 / Updated: ---


Software removal:

Malicious software removal tool (MSRT) KB890830.

Virus scan ...17.MAR.2021 / Updated: ---

Driver Update:

Every device needs special software to communicate with your computer.

Update ...17.MAR.2021 / Updated: ---


In this description, you will learn how to turn off the Fluent Design.

Deactivate ...02.FEB.2021 / Updated: ---

Create system folder:

Mark your folder it as a protected operating system file.

Hiding ...21.JAN.2021 / Updated: ---

Protected folders:

Protected system files are important, but sometimes they need to be opened.

Display ...14.JAN.2021 / Updated: ---

Folder in the image:

Create a discreet folder that only you can open, others will only see one image.

Show hidden files ...10.JAN.2021 / Updated: ---

Hidden files:

Microsoft engineers in Redmond use two different types of hidden files in Windows, preventing users from deleting or modifying system files.

Show hidden files ...02.JAN.2021 / Updated: ---

Hidden folder:

If you need a discrete folder to store files, create an invisible one without an icon and name.

Create folder ...27.DEC.2020 / Updated: ---

Spectacular trick:

Spectacular computer shutdown can be achieved instead of the traditional one using SlideToShutDown.exe.

SlideToShutDown ...27.DEC.2020 / Updated: ---

System Windows 10

Write a virus:

Security programs installed on computer, can fight against viruses collected from the Internet during it use.

Create computer virus ...2010 / Updated: 08.APR.2021


Data, images, documents you can encrypt with the free BitLocker services implemented in system.

Disk encryption ...2010 / Updated: 08.APR.2021

VHDX disk:

VHDX Windows 8 Hyper-V 3.0: Hyper-V virtualization program assistance replaces the old VHD.

Virtual Disk ...2010 / Updated: 08.APR.2021

Secure Password:

Protect what can protect: Use more digits, at least one uppercase, lowercase, some special characters.

Password Checking ...2010 / Updated: 08.APR.2021

Latest version of Windows:

For several reasons, you should install the latest version of Windows 10, as it may include new features.

Upgrade ...05.DEC.2020 / Updated: ---

Monitor refresh rates:

For games that require fast movement, it is strongly recommended to set a higher refresh rate.

Setting ...30.NOV.2020 / Updated: ---

Family images

The customizable settings allow you to change the desktop wallpaper as well.

Slide show ...29.OCT.2020 / Updated: ---

Night light:

Night mode reduces the amount of light, changing the display to reddish.

Night light ...20.SEPT.2020 / Updated: ---

Game mode:

The game mode improve performance on Windows 10 by providing more system resources.

Activate ...22.AUG.2020 / Updated: ---

Install from the cloud:

This feature allow to reset the Windows system if an error occurred due to a system failure.

Reset PC ...12.AUG.2020 / Updated: ---

Color Filter:

This app is developed for people who don't see all colors (suffer from color blindness).

Change colors ...03.AUG.2020 / Updated: ---

Which license is running:

There are three types of Windows 10 licenses Retail, OEM, and Volume License.

More details ...16.APR.2020 / Updated: ---

This PC icon:

Icons on the Desktop are comfortable when we want to get to the computer contents. This PC icon.

MyDocuments ...05.JULY.2019 / Updated: 20.DEC.2019

UEFI mode:

Consists of four parts: Preparing, Removing Partitions, Removing Old MBR Table and Installing.

GPT partitions ...14.MAR.2018 / Updated: 14.DEC.2019

Safe Mode:

The traditional F8 key no longer works, you can add an option in the Boot menu.

Command Safe Mode ...21.AUG.2018 / Updated: 13.DEC.2019

Clean installation:

It can be installed in the same way as its predecessors but faster, without applications.

Windows 10 ...15.SEPT.2016 / Updated: 05.DEC.2019

Dual boot:

The new system can be installed near the Win8.1, Win8, Win7, XP or near the Linux system.

Windows 10 ...15.SEPT.2016 / Updated: 11.DEC.2019

Rufus, installation in UEFI NTFS:

Creating bootable Windows on a flash drive with Rufus in UEFI mode.

NTFS file system ...26.MAR.2019 / Updated: ---


Lock Screen Spotlight Images has been stored in the deepest files of the computer system.

Lock Screen ...25.DEC.2017 / Updated: ---

«Find My Device»:

Microsoft introduced a useful tool for monitoring Windows 10, so named «Find My Device».

Find My Device ...02.JAN.2016 / Updated: ---

Display Control Panel:

The Windows 10 Control panel is not easy to find.

Control panel ...02.MAR.2019 / Updated: ---

32-bit or 64-bit system:

The computer in use runs a 32-bit or 64-bit operating system.

OS Detect ...14.MAR.2019 / Updated: ---

Password Reset:

Make a Password Rescue Disk to the login screen.

Reset USB disk ...18.AUG.2018 / Updated: 14.DEC.2019

Account Image:

Replace the dull image that Windows 10 automatically assigns.

Replacement ... 21.AUG.2018 / Updated: ---

Windows Mail:

Windows 10 includes automatic email notification service to manage all accounts in one place.

Windows Post ...15.MAR.2018 / Updated: ---

Speed up web:

Can open hundreds of web pages one after another with a single click if the web addresses.

Preparation ...17.DEC.2017 / Updated: ---

Num Lock:

Some keyboards have two numeric keys. One above the alphabet buttons, and one on the right.

Activate ...26.OCT.2017 / Updated: ---

4K setting:

The home monitor have 4K resolution at the office is HD, so the image will be small.

DPI resolution ...04.OCT.2017 / Updated: 12.DEC.2021


One of the cyber threats is the WannaCry blackmail virus that exploits serious vulnerabilities.

Preventing ...19.MAY.2017 / Updated: ---

Login password:

The Windows system requires to enter your password every time when you start your computer.

Disable ...21.MAY.2017 / Updated: ---

Taskbar clock:

You can enable seconds display in the Clock on the taskbar in the bottom, right side.

Show seconds ...31.JAN.2017 / Updated: ---

Additional time zone:

The clock, on the taskbar, can be extended by several time zones. Additional time zone.

Clocks GMT ...10.FEB.2017 / Updated: ---

Format external HDD:

New external HDD is unformatted, so need formatting in NTFS file system. Format external HDD.

NTFS HDD ...25.OCT.2016 / Updated: 18.OCT.2018

Data Recovery:

Do not throw in trash if your micro SD card SanDisk send a I/O error message. Data Recovery.

I/O error ...05.JUL.2015 / Updated: 19.OCT.2019


Microsoft team from Redmond withdrew the espionage function «DiagTrack»? Stop Windows spying.

Stop spying ...02.NOV.2016 / Updated: ---

God Mode:

Hidden feature in Windows system, which gathers the control panel functions in one visible configuration.

Windows 10 God Mode ...13.OCT.2014 / Updated: ---

OneDrive - Cloud storage

Free storage:

Photos, videos, or music downloaded from the Internet often take up a lot of hard disk space.

OneDrive ...27.DEC.2020 / Updated: ---

Download OneDrive:

If the OneDrive has deteriorated and does not start, download and reinstall it.

Download ...21.FEB.2021 / Updated: ---

Settings OneDrive:

Access files from cloud to your computer, tablet, phone.

OneDrive ...27.DEC.2020 / Updated: ---

OneDrive Security:

OneDrive integrated into the system, allows data recovery.

Against ransomware ...06.JUN.2020 / Updated: ---

Uninstall OneDrive:

If you don't want to use this cloud service, delete it.

Uninstall ...29.JUIL.2020 / Updated: ---

Screenshots Android & Windows

Text from image:

The text in the image can simply be copied with the SnippingTool program.

Copy text ...18.APR.2024 / Updated: ---

Phone screen captures:

You can make a picture of what you see inside of your phone, from settings, from an image.

Android ...06.FEB.2018 / Updated: ---


If you do not want capture the entire screen (only a small detail), you need the Snipping Tool.

Screenshots ...04.MAR.2018 / Updated: ---

Screen capture:

There are several ways to capture an image on the screen, one is to use only the keyboard.

With keyboard ...26.OCT.2018 / Updated: ---

BIOS Screen:

How to take Screenshots inside BIOS Setup. Take a screenshot and capture the screen image.

Screenshots ...28.JAN.2018 / Updated: ---

Capture Web page:

FireShot takes full web page screenshots. You can capture web pages entirely to PDF with links.

FireShot ...06.JAN.2018 / Updated: ---

All Windows systems


More than 50 data base settings can be changed, some convenience features, other useful features.

RegTweakWin8 ...24.JUN.2010 / Updated: ---

«Silent» Mode:

Not require IT knowledge: Prepared you can install up to 100 programs en «Silent» Mode

USSF, AutoIt, SFX ...26.MAY.2016 / Updated: 18.APR.2020

Pendrive error:

The main reason for failure of the USB stick is, that you can simply drag from computer USB input.

Formatting USB ...21.MAR.2010 / Updated: ---


Win7, 8.1, 10 or Android, Linux compatible, high resolution HD wallpapers for monitor, laptop, tablet or TV.

Background images ...07.JAN.2010 / Updated: ---

Free web templates


Smartphone wiretapped:

There are phones that notify when calls are being forwarded to another number.

Redirected ...17.APR.2024 / Updated: ---

Game Diagnostics:

Run a diagnostic test before buying an Android phone, or buying a used phone.

Diag test ...19.JUL.2018 / Updated: 26.FEB.2024

Samsung test:

Use this secret code, *#0*#, which must be entered using the dial-up keypad.

Secret diagnosis ...24.JUL.2018 / Updated: 26.FEB.2024

IMEI number:

Touch the button on your phone and use the keypad to enter the code *#06#.

IMEI ...17.NOV.2017 / Updated: 26.FEB.2024

Blocking Calls:

Block automated unwanted phone calls or if you are regularly disturbed by persons of malicious calls.

Smartphone ...19.NOV.2017 / Updated: 26.FEB.2024

Disable animations:

Disable Window animation scale - Animator duration scale - Transition animation scale for speed-up.

Android ...20.MAY.2016 / Updated: 26.FEB.2024

Speed Up Android:

If you feel your tablet or phone slows down during use, you have two of the best programs.

Phone, Tablet ...10.JUN.2015 / Updated: 26.FEB.2024

Cleaning system:

Android system creates temporary files during installation and during use of applications.

Cleaning Phone ...22.MAY.2015 / Updated: 26.FEB.2024