Copy text from image

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Copy text from image

There are texts written on images that we find interesting (for example, cooking recipes), and it would be good to transfer the text to another image, but it is only possible if we read it from the image, while using the keyboard to write in a text editor (for example, Notepad). Starting today, this lengthy operation is no longer necessary, because starting with the newer version of Windows 11 (build 22631.3447), the Snipping Tool program built into the Windows system does this work for us completely free of charge.

Open the Snipping Tool:

Open the Windows 11 Snipping Tool program. Simply type the word Snipping Tool into the taskbar search field, then press Enter. The Windows Snipping Tool program will appear immediately.

Do the following:

1.) – If you want to save text from an image found on the Internet, or from a .pdf file, you can immediately make a cut with this program. Click the "+ New" button in the upper left corner of the program, and in the new window, holding down the right mouse button, drag the mouse cursor as far as necessary to create the image, then simply release the mouse button. The image will automatically load.

2.) – If you have already downloaded the image to your computer, simply open it in the Windows Snipping Tool program. Click on the three dots on the right, in the upper corner, and select the Open file link from the drop-down menu.

type Snipping Tool in the taskbar search field

In both cases, if the image has already been loaded into the Snipping Tool, first click the Text Actions button in the top menu, then the Copy text link that appears below the button.

Finally, all you have to do is open a text editor and copy the text to the clipboard.

copy the text to the clipboard

Quick tip: Type the word "Notepad" in the search box on the taskbar and press Enter. Notepad appears. Right-click anywhere in the Notepad window and select the "Paste" link from the mouse pop-up menu.

Ready. Copying text from an image in Windows just got so easy.

Pin it on the tray:

If you pin it to the taskbar, the program will always be "at hand". Do the following: Click the blue Windows-Logo button on the taskbar, then the All apps link in the new window. Most of the Windows 11 features and programs appear in the following window.

Scroll down to the Snipping Tool program (scissors icon) and right-click the icon, then in the mouse menu that appears, first drag (don't click) to the More link, then another small mouse menu will appear, click the Pin to taskbar link.

Pin to taskbar

From now you can always start the program from the taskbar with a single click on the icon.