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Cleaning hard disk

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First part: Cleaning hard disk in Windows

If you have a favorite cleaning program, use it. If want save one cleaning software installation, use the cleaning program built into the system. After install or uninstall an application, after updates and even after mouse clicks many files remain on system. After downloading from the Internet known as «Cookie», the hided spyware in them (viruses) start working invisible in background, causing PC slowdown. For effective cleaning disk, here is described three excellent programs.

Quick tip: For efficient disk cleaning, you can use the following three programs one at a time until the hard disk becomes perfectly clean. Your computer will become much faster.

More Details

1.) - Download and install the program Advanced SystemCare. In the first window that appears, click the button Install. (Version: 08.APR.2021

click the button Install

2.) - A window will appear recommending additional programs. If don't need it, select the Thanks, No radio button, and click Next.

select the button Next

3.) - Start the installation.

Start the installation

4.) - In the next window, if you don't want to subscribe to the newsletter service, simply click the Thanks, No button.

subscribe to the newsletter

5.) - Instead of Al Mode, select Manual Mode.

Instead of Al Mode, select Manual Mode

6.) - Apart from Spyware Removal, and Disk Optimization, (SSD must not be defragmented, it is STRICTLY FORBIDDEN), select all the boxes to perform hard disk cleaning as efficiently as possible. Of course, all options can be selected, omit the above only for a faster search. Click the Scan button.

information window

7.) - Finally, select the Automatically fix radio button in the new window.

selectați butonul radio Fixare automată

8.) - Cleaning is complete. Close window and the program. Click the X button in the upper right corner for close window.

Additional features of the program

In the main window, there are icons with additional features in the top menu.

Quick tip: If is it possible, don't use function Acceleration. (The program will stop important functions and may be what you are using).

Protect. By clicking on the icon, you can activate the security functions.

Toolbox. By clicking on the icon, you can activate the comfort functions.

Software Updater. Search the Internet for newer versions of programs and download them.

Action Center. By clicking on the icon, you can choose between IOBIT's free and paid programs.

Additional features of the program

Cleaning with Ccleaner

Download and install the program Ccleaner and after installation, in the first window, select the following: (Versinea: v5.66.7716 (01.MAI.2020)).

To start cleaning your Windows hard drive, for better efficiency, in addition to the default settings, change as shown in the image below. Except for Saved Passwords and Network Passwords, check all radio buttons.

start cleaning your Windows hard drive

Cleaning with Glary Utilities program

Download and install the program Glary Utilities and after installation, in the first window, except for Spyware Remover and Disk Repair, select all the checkboxes. Then click the button Scan for issues. (Versiunea (08.apr.2021)).

click the button Scan for issues


If each program is run, you will have a perfectly clean hard disk, and get several hundred megabytes of free disk space freed up. If you want to check the results for effectiveness, test your computer. Acceleration will be immediately visible.


Part two: Manual Cleaning Windows

Manual Cleaning Windows

Part two:

Manual Cleaning Windows

Manual Cleaning Windows, deleting files, unnecessary programs: When using Windows, a lot of unnecessary files remain on hard disk after any operation performed, because the system creates so-called temporary files, which will not always eliminate automatically after the specified operation is finished.

Quick tip: Cleaning programs don't delete the remaining files either, no matter how perfect they are, so it's a good idea to do a manual cleaning, even if it's more complicated, more time-consuming.

More Details

For all Windows. Warning: Only at your own risk! Before we go back to manually cleaning Windows, to delete unnecessary files, we have to perform an operation so that we can look into the depths of the Windows system. Hidden folders must be made visible. Do the following:

1.) - Open a folder on your computer (it doesn't matter which) and click the View button in the top menu bar.

click the View button

2.) - Select the check box Hidden items.

Select the check box Hidden items

Can close all windows. The hidden files are visible. Now can start manual cleaning, deleting unnecessary files. Can delete the contents of the following folders:

1.) - Under: C:\Windows\ the Temp, Panther, Prefetch folder contents.

2.) - C:\Users\username \AppData \Local \Microsoft \Windows\ folder contents: Temporary Internet Files, Recent Items and Cookies.

Quick tip: Do not delete the folder, only its contents. Deleting a folder can cause a serious error in Windows. Click on the folder and after opening it, select with the mouse all the files that will be deleted. Then right-click and select Delete from the mouse menu.

Under "username" enter computer name. Enter what you specified during installation. To verify the effectiveness, test your PC. Acceleration will be visible immediately after cleaning hard disk. Now can start defragmenting system with implemented program in Windows.


Part Three: Windows Disk Defragmenter

Windows Disk Defragmenter

Part Three:

Windows Disk Defragmenter

Disk Defragmenter: After each program installed - uninstalled, data on hard disk become more fragmented. At a time, perceive a slowdown terrible this is a sign that you have really fragmented files, so that performance is very slow. It's time to do a hard disk defragmentation. In Windows system is implemented such program, so we can save an installation of another program useless. As files are added, deleted, and changed on a disk, the contents of the file can become spread across sectors located in disparate regions of the disk.

Attantion: Solid State Drive (SSD) defragmentation is STRICTLY FORBIDDEN. Only the hard disk drive can defragment.

Quick tip: Fragmentation on the hard drive causes extra work that may slow down your computer. Windows Disk Tool Defragmenter, manages together fragmented data on your hard disk. Then you can work more efficiently.

More Details

Windows 10: Click bottom, left, on Taskbar on the magnifying glass icon to begin the search, and enter dfrgui.exe command and press Enter.

enter the command dfrgui exe

In the appeared window choose first Analyze and finally Optimization buttons.

choose first Analyze and finally Optimization

Win 8, Windows 8.1

1.) - Click with right mouse button, on Taskbar, at the bottom of Desktop, to the start of Task Manager.

Task Manager

2.) - If there is a closed, click More details.

click More details

3.) - Appears the Task Manager, where you will find a list of all the possible menu buttons. Click the File button, then select Run new task ...option.

dfrgui.exe command

4.) - The Run window appears. In the new Windows enter dfrgui.exe commands and press the Enter key on the keyboard.

eingeben Befehle

5.) - With the mouse, select the defragment required drive, and then click Analysis. After a time, list the degree of fragmentation in % at this time.

defragment required drive

Finish.It might take a while. Depending on the degree of fragmentation can be up to half an hour or more. Patience. To feel the effects immediately after hard acceleration tidying up.


Part Four: Disable automatically programs

Disable automatically programs

Part Four:

Disable automatically programs

Disable automatically programs. Programs are installed that start with the Windows system, thus delaying the formation of boot because programmers believe that the user will favor their program, and not others. Let's deactivate programs that start unnecessarily automatically. On new and old machines can be installed by us or by the manufacturer, programs with limited operation (trial), or already bored, which you do not use constantly, but it loads with Windows. Delete unused (uninstall).

Warning: Not all programs can be disabled. There are essential software for Windows, to run the system stable.

Warning: Do not delete any application svchost.exe because the system will collapse.

Warning: Only remove the processes that we know and are sure that it is not used.

More Details

For all Windows systems: To disable programs that start automatically with the system, download and install the free program CCleaner. After installation, the main page appears:

1.) - Click with the left button of mouse on the Tools on the bottom, left.

click button Tools

2.) - Select the Startup link.

select Start up

3.) - Click on the program you want to not start automatically, and then click the right side, the Disable or Delete button.

select a program

Quick tip: Deleting programs not mean that the program is canceled permanently, it only starts when we need it, ie. when we us, so do not delay system boot.

After restarting the computer, Windows is loaded (boot) much faster.


Part Five: Shutdown faster

Shutdown faster

Part Five:

Shutdown faster

Shutdown faster. Microsoft programmers always put more emphasis on security. Sometimes too big. The system requests to close a program, or window is sometimes too long. The default value is 5 seconds.

If applications (tasks) do not close automatically when you want to restart or shut down your computer, the system wait 4 seconds (HungAppTimeout), 5 seconds (WaitToKillAppTimeout) before the End Task send a warning window, prompting you to close the listed applications, because only then will your computer restart or shut down. Change the value WaitToKillAppTimeout entry for Windows shutdown and HungAppTimeout for programs in the registry database.

Quick tip: This procedure is useful in all cases, but in very important operations, such as editing text and images, when you accidentally click the close button, there is not enough time left to save the current job.

If you modify the registry, WaitToKillAppTimeout option, which is responsible for closing faster we accelerate this process

More Details

For all Windows systems: Closing programs and the Windows system faster by shortening the closing time faster can be done by following the description below. Do the following.

1.) - Press the Windows Logo + R keys simultaneously on the keyboard.

Press the Windows + R key

2.) - Appears Run window, where enter the command regedit and press Enter.


3.) - Appears registry area. Navigate to the HKEY_CURRENT_USER \ Control Panel \ Desktop key as shown in the image below, and left-click on the Desktop entry to open.


4.) - Change the value. In the right pane, click the value of the HungAppTimeout string, with the left mouse button, and from the menu that appears, right-click the Modify ... link.

change value

Quick tip: The value of the HungAppTimeout entry (program shutdown) should always be less than the value of WaitToKillAppTimeout, which determines how long the system waits to close programs.

5.) - To HungAppTimeout, add 1000 (1000 milliseconds, 1 second) or 500 (500 milliseconds, half second) and click OK.

set value

6.) - To WaitToKillAppTimeout, add the value 2000 (2000 milliseconds, 2 seconds) or 1500 (1500 milliseconds, one and a half seconds), and click OK.


Finally, close the windows. From now on, if you want to shut down or restart your computer, it will perform the task much faster.


Part Six: Increase Windows performance

Increase Windows performance

Part Six:

Increase Windows performance:

Increase Windows performance. The options displayed, listed in the window - Options performance -, apply design and useful features to expand Windows interface and can work to our advantage.

Quick tip: On newer computers with powerful processors, is not necessary deactivation of these services. Not cause slowdown, but the option further affect computer performance.

To improve performance, will newer not miss:

- Show shadows under mouse pointer.

- Smooth-Scrolling list boxes, etc.

More Details

1.) - Windows 10: Clicked on the This Pc on the Desktop, then in the mouse pop-up menu, bottom, chose Properties.

Windows 8, 8.1: 1.) - Click on the Desktop with the right button of mouse, then in the mouse pop-up menu, bottom, choose Personalize.


2.) - In the new window, on the left, click Advanced system Settings

advenced settings

3.) - Under Performance click Settings button.


4.) - Default is selected "Adjust for best appearance", but this can be changed.

best performance

5.) - Check the Adjust for best performance checkbox and uncheck all boxes, leaving only the Show thumbnails instead of icons option to increase Windows performance. Finally, click Apply, then click OK.

click Apply

Quick tip: The Show Thumbnails Instead of Icons feature provides a thumbnail preview of the image, from which we know which image we want to view or open.

Do not need to restart your computer. The effect is immediate visible, even on powerful computers.


Part seven: Update Windows Drivers

Update Windows Drivers

Part seven:

Update Windows Drivers

Update Windows Drivers. Operation drivers refresh is essential, because it depends on the current state of the computer speed and Performance.

More Details

1.) - Download and install the program Driver Booster Free. In the first window that appears, click the button Install. (Version: V 7.4.0 ) 01.MAI.2020.

click the button Install

2.) - A window will appear recommending additional programs. If don't need it, select the Thanks, No radio button, and click Next.

recommending additional programs

3.) - The installation begins.

The installation begins

Quick tip: Driver Booster 7 is a user-friendly driver update. It can help to effectively detect and update obsolete drivers. In addition, the scanning speed of this driver update has been improved by almost 100%. (quoted from the creators of the program).

4.) - In the next window, if you do not want to subscribe to the newsletter service, simply click the button No, thanks.

click the Thanks No button

5.) - The installation is complete. Click the button Scan now.

The installation is complete

6.) - If it offers new driver updates, click the button at the top right Update Now. Start updating the drivers one after the other. Patience.

Start updating the drivers

7.) - After the installation of updates is complete, it will ask you to restart your computer. Close all open applications and programs. Save the work you started (if you haven't already). Finally, click the Restart button to take the effect the new drivers.

Immediately after updating and restarting, the computer speeds up and increases performance. If you have done all the steps described above, you can be sure that the device you are using is faster, more efficient, has not left data garbage behind, and unnecessary, unused programs have been deleted. If your hard drive was rarely cleaned, you may now have up to 100 MB or more GB of free space (1 gigabyte = 1024 megabytes). In addition, you can work with a more secure system, more protected by the latest programs and drivers.


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