Bridge template

Bridge template

Industry template

Bridge template Price: €25

Device and system independent. Modern and Stylish, a mobile-friendly web template based on a unique concept. It runs on Windows, Android and other operating systems. It contains all the elements needed to present a business.

  • Modern page layouts
  • 5 easy-to-edit HTML files
  • Portfolio page with picture card
  • Reference presentation page
  • Unique, Modern, Mobile Friendly

If buy, please be sure to include the identification number (ID no: HD56602)

Note: The web template engine comes partly from the MD Bootstrap website, where you can download a similar one for free if it meets your expectations or if you don't want to pay for the current web template. You do not have to pay for these parts of the web template, only for our own elements and the work invested in the web template.

You may modify the purchased web template at your own risk or change the code contained therein at your own risk. The purchaser, user, or person causing the defect shall be liable for any resulting error or other damage resulting from improper use.


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