Simple Premium License

Simple Premium License

Worldwide valid license

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1. This Simple Premium License gives the buyer a continuous, non-exclusive, worldwide valid license for the selected digital work, the end product, the full template, or the use of the selected item from the template.

2. This product (full template), also includes the item to which you can add new items, or you can extract only one item if you need to paste it into another web template (button graphics, navigation element, etc.).

The following license allows:

3. The buyer of the web template is entitled to use the item to create one end product for itself or for a client (only "single application"), without indicating the origin link (backlink).

4. The client or its trustee (website builder) can also download the template if it has paid the purchase price of the template and can prove it, in case of a dispute.

5. The trustee (website builder), may transfer the fully or partially converted web template to his client for any fee with this valid license. You can add, remove, or modify any element or entire template that you can combine with other items and create derivative work from it. The resulting work is also subject to the terms of this license.

What you can't do:

6. It is not possible to sell the end product except for a customer. You may not distribute the item as a set, as a template or with source files for profit (except one final product for you or for a client) even if you modify the item.

The web template cannot be used

7. You may not use the Web Template for slanderous, obscene, porn, offensive, or sensitive topics, and not use for illegally trademarks or other proprietary intellectual property, as part of the Web Template, without the permission of the Intellectual Property Owner. Otherwise, this license may be terminated if you violate it, and you can terminate the usage or distribution of this product, until you remove the item from it.

14 day cooling off period:

8. In the EU you have the right to return purchases made online or through other types of distance selling, such as by phone, mail order, within 14 days for a full refund. The 14-day cooling off period does not apply to all purchases. The exemptions are:

  • Online digital content, if you have already started downloading or streaming it and you agreed that you would lose your right of withdrawal by starting the performance.

9. As the web template is digital content and is easy to copy, duplicate, so there is no option to repay the price of the purchased web template to the buyer.


10. Part of the web template engine, and some parts of it come from the MD Bootstrap website, where you can download a similar one for free if it meets your expectations, or if you don't want to pay for the current web template:

11. You do not have to pay for these parts of the web template, just for own elements built into the web template and for the invested work.

Final warning:

12. You may only convert the purchased web template at your own risk or change the code in it at your own risk. The customer, the user or the person causing the error shall be liable for any resulting damage, or for other damage resulting from improper use.


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