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Write a Virus

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Bluetooth errorBluetooth error

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Bluetooth error: Bluetooth helps transfer data between two devices. In general, more frequent transfer is between computer and mobile phones.

To a Bluetooth device is usually joined software or, if not, look for a suitable on internet, and install

After this, on the mobile phone, enable the option Bluetooth, and combined with the software installed. Begin search, showing all nearby Bluetooth active state. Select the one which refers to computer, and enter a password, for example four of 1, or similar, which is easy to remember, but of course can be anything, even the complex, only be four digits

» However we consider

For all systems

- On both instruments (computer and phone) enter the same password!!! T

The printer and similar equipment already have the password insertion (since you can not write by hand in the printer!). In this case, enter the password in mobile phone and make connection after the change. If all went well at first, but, unfortunately, nothing will work on the second try, and we can combine the computer, is susceptible to error introduced password or other options have been deleted

The solution may be: Remove Bluetooth software installed on your computer and reinstall again (ie program Revo Uninstaller Free)

» Important

For all systems

Clear the data from the mobile phone and the computer, then reinstall the Bluetooth software. This often resolves the problem

» The most common error is when delete the data manually

Win 8, 8.1, 10:

- Click with the right mouse button on MyComputer

- There is a drop-down menu, select here Properties

- From the right, select Device Manager

Windows 7: Click on Start Menu / Select Control Panel / Under Categorie:/ Select Hardware and sound

Above, the first line (devices and printers) / Devices

System will automatically find the device driver that will install. Finally, the yellow question mark will disappear

Restart the computer if required. If the program lacks Bluetooth, try to download and install:


Caution! On the Toshiba Bluetooth site is published Hotfixes. Download and install this patch after install the Bluetooth program


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