Pendrive error RAW format

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Pendrive error RAW format

»» 07.DEC.2009 / updated: 12.APR.2021/

Pendrive error RAW format: Case error is that the FAT system disappeared on pendrive. The main reason for the failure of RAW file system, is that simply shoot your pendrive or USB flash drive from the USB input on your computer. Is strictly prohibited. Around the clock on the Desktop, can find a small pop-up menu, where can disconnect out, so we save file format from destruction, and data remains intact.

Formatting pendrive, USB flash drive

Do the following:

  • - Connect your Pendrive, USB Flash drive.

  • - Introduce the system disk CD or DVD (Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10) on DVD drive.

  • - Restart your computer, and start the operation as if we want to install the system.

  • - When you reach the window, where is the option Format, choose Pendrive.

  • - Generates an error message which notifies, that can not install here.

  • - That is good. The operation finished. They can stop the installation.

  • - Restart your computer.

  • - In MyComputer we also see in E or F unit name.

  • - Once the Partitions exist, each can be re-Formatted if necessary. On FAT or NTFS file system.

  • - Click on the unit E or F, with right button of the mouse, and select Format then check Quick format.

After formatting, can use again.


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