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Fluent Design blur effect

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Fluent Design blur effect: Windows 10 Fluent Design bets a lot on three-dimensionality, transparency and special blur effects, on the login screen, taskbar, Start menu and other interfaces, which means that the background is blurred.

Fluent Design blur effect

In this description, you will learn how to turn off the Fluent Design feature on the login screen if you want to see the lock screen background clearly.

Quick Tip: The image on the login screen is "blurry". This is because an acrylic layer has been added in front of the image. This has been introduced for better visibility, so you can focus better while entering your password and other information.

Activate & deactivate Fluent Design

First method: To deactivate the acrylic effect, proceed as follows:

The simplest solution for disabling "Fluent Design" transparency is through the Settings window. This is the safest procedure, because you can't ruin anything this way. The downside is that it disables all transparency effects. No application items, Start menu, or taskbar will be transparent. If you still choose this option, do the following:

Click in the taskbar in the lower left corner the Start Menu, Windows -Logo icon, then the link Settings. Here, in the new window, click on the link Personalisation in the settings window that appears, and in next window, click the Colours link in the left menu.

In the new window that appears, use the slider below the "Transparency effects" entry to turn off the blur style. Ready. If you still like the "Fluent Design" transparency, simply activate the slider again.

turn off the blur style

Create new key in the database

Method two: If the first method completely disables the blur style, but you don't like it, change the registry entry by adding a new key that disables only the acrylic effect on the login screen.

Press Windows -Logo + R on the keyboard simultaneously, and type the command regedit in the Run window that appears, and then press Enter.

Caution: If you modify the registry incorrectly, serious problems may occur. Therefore, make sure that you follow these steps carefully.

On the left side of the Registry Editor window that appears, locate and open the system entry as follows:


If you can't find an entry named DisableAcrylicBackgroundOnLogon next to System in the right pane, create a new DWORD value. Right-click a free space in the right pane of the database, and then click the New link in the mouse menu. In another small window that appears, click the entry DWORD (32-bit) Value. A new ID named "New Value #1" has appeared.

new ID has appeared

Right-click the newly created (New Value #1) ID, which has turned blue, and select Rename from the menu that appears, then type the name DisableAcrylicBackgroundOnLogon.

Quick Tip: A value of 1= means that the blur login screen is idle. If you clear the DWORD value or enter the value 0, the blur login screen will be activated again.

Important: Disconnect and reconnect to see the changes immediately.

Database modification

Method three: Create a database edit command file that, after a click, automatically makes changes without the manual intervention described above.

Open Notepad and copy/paste the text code below, then save it as a .reg file, either on your desktop or where it's easily accessible, for example: DisableAcrylicBackground.reg.

Quick Tip: You can give any file name, but it is very important that it has a .reg file extension.

When you're done, double-click the file and follow the instructions to add it to the registry. After disconnecting and reconnecting you will notice the changes immediately on the login screen.


Download ready made file

Method four: Simply download the DisableAcrylicBackground.reg compressed ZIP file from the link below, then unzip and click it. Performs the operation automatically in 2 seconds.

Download DisableAcrylicBackground reg file DisableAcrylicBackground reg »»

To restore the transparency of the "Fluent Design" blur on the login screen, download this compressed ZIP restoration file ShowAcrylicBackground.reg and unzip it, then simply click on it and the blur style will be restored automatically.

Download file ShowAcrylicBackground reg »»

In both cases it is necessary to disconnect - reconnect, in order for the take effect.


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