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Update drivers

Windows Tips & Tricks

Update drivers

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Update drivers: Every device that works on your computer (such as a video card, printer, scanner, sound card, keyboard, mouse, etc.) needs special software to communicate with your computer, called: driver.

Windows includes basic drivers for many devices, and most devices work with these programs, but over time, manufacturers release new versions.

Quick Tip: These drivers are usually old, so you need to look for a newer version after installing the system on the manufacturer's website, or using a special program.


You can increase the speed of your computer by regularly updating outdated or corrupt programs with regularly updated drivers, which you can check in Device Manager. Do the following:

Press the Windows -Logo + R buttons on the keyboard to start the RUN dialog box. Then type sysdm.cpl and press Enter or click OK The classic System Properties window opens. In the top menu bar, click the HARDWARE button, then in the new window, click the Device Manager button. A yellow question mark appears on a device with a damaged or missing driver, which means that the driver must be installed from the manufacturer's website.

If there is no yellow question mark, you have nothing to do, because each device has the the latest drivers.

The classic System Properties window

Quick Tip: Knowing the model number and device type of your device may be enough to find the right driver on the manufacturer's website.

Advanced users can manually update their Windows 10 drivers on the Microsoft Driver Center website by finding the right version.

Is a driver needed?

Mandatory if:

  1. You may need a driver or driver update if you are using an older version of the driver, but the manufacturer has released a new version.
  2. The system has been damaged due to a system crash or a deleted virus.

Quick Tip: By manually searching on the Internet, you run the risk of downloading an unofficial driver that may contain spyware or viruses.

It is not necessary if:

  1. Basic devices (mouse, keyboard, monitor) work well with generic or built-in drivers in the Windows operating system.
  2. If the device is working properly and all its features are activated, there may be no compelling reason to update.

Use special driver update programs

Below is a description of how to use a program to keep your computer driver up to date and download only those that can be installed safely.

For all Windows systems: Download IOBIT Driver Booster Free »»

  1. After downloading, click on the downloaded program icon. In the first window, choose the language at the top right, then click the Install button. (Version: V 8.1.0 | 25,3 MB) 15.12.2020
  2. click the Install button

  3. A window will appear recommending additional programs. If you don't need it, choose the No, thanks radio button on the bottom left and click Next. The installation begins. Patience.
  4. choose the No thanks radio button

  5. When the installation is complete, click the SCAN button.
  6. click the SCAN button

  7. Identifies the drivers installed on your computer. Check for missing ones and search for the latest version available on the internet and then offer to download and install it. Click the Update now button.
  8. Click the Update now button

  9. Close all open applications and programs. Save the work you started (if you haven't already). Finally, click the Restart button for the new drivers to take effect.
  10. click the Restart button


Immediately after upgrading and restarting, you can feel the acceleration and increased performance of your computer, and you can work with a more secure system, protected by the latest drivers.

Quick Tip: You may not have installed the driver correctly or installed the wrong driver. In this case, by starting Windows in Safe Mode, you can disable or remove the damaged driver from DEVICE MANAGER.


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