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Automatic spying

Windows Tips & Tricks

Automatic spying

»» 02.NOV.2016 / updated: ---/

Automatic spying: The Windows 10 system it has more good characteristics than bad.

In previous versions the espionage service Diagnostics Tracking Service in short DiagTrack introduced, under pressure from users, Microsoft team in Redmond withdrew, as recently confessed, did not withdraw, but simply renamed in Connected User Experiences and Telemetry service.

Quick tip: The settings are synchronized with Microsoft servers, so when you install the system (and after), DO NOT log in with Microsoft account, use a local account and log in to applications (for that short period of time) only if necessary.

What is DiagTrack?

Connected user experience and telemetry service allows to use in-app experience and interconnected. This service control users data for diagnostic (in order to improve and modernize the Windows platform) collecting event-driven and sending diagnostic information if it is selected the Feedback on Diagnosis and user settings window.

I have made so

  1. I pressed Windows + R simultaneously on the keyboard, for launching the Run Box.
  2. In the Run pop-up window I introduced: services.msc
  3. I made double click with the left mouse button on the service "Connected user experience and telemetry".
  4. Finally, in the new pop-up window, I clicked on Stop button.


Quick tip: This feature is good because with this information, the Microsoft team can improve the Windows operating system more efficiently.

More Details

Please note: Disable it at your own risk!

  • Press Windows Logo + R keys simultaneously on the keyboard.
  • press Windows + R keys simultaneously on the keyboard

  • In the pop-up Run Box, type: services.msc
  • In the pop-up Run type services msc

  • Double-click with the left mouse button on the service Connected user experience and telemetry.
  • Double-click with the left mouse button on the service

  • Finally, in the new window, click on Stop button.
  • faceți clic pe butonul Dezactivare

    Quick tip: Disabling this feature is recommended because personal user information is sent, including information that we do not want to share with anyone.

    Then click the Apply button and OK.


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