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Using Windows BitLocker

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Using Windows BitLocker

»» 2011 / updated: 04.APR.2021

Using Windows BitLocker: Protect what can protect. BitLocker is an encryption service built into Windows. Only works if you have at least two partitions.

Data, images, documents, movies and videos, precious files on your hard drive, you can encrypt with BitLocker (Drive Encryption BitLocker), so they are hidden from prying eyes.

  1. - With this service you can encrypt drives at sectoral level.
  2. - A highly reliable solution for data protection.
  3. - Files encrypted with BitLocker can only be decrypted by the operating system which encrypted.

There are two methods you can use:

  1. - Disk with password protection (enough for personal use).
  2. - You can use a smart card. Need a PIN (safest method).

Finally, a recovery key is generated, you can save with a Microsoft account, or to a USB drive, or print, but if you don't have very important data, you can save on the hard disk on a different partition.

More details

For hard disk data encryption on Windows system do the following to get started:

- First, insert a USB flash memory stick, on a free port, as in our example here we save the password for BitLocker.

1) - Click on the Computer icon on Desktop.

Click on the Computer icon

2) - With the right button of the mouse click on the drive that you want to be encrypted. (Cannot encrypt disk or partition where your operating system is installed).

click on the drive that you want to be encrypted

3) - From pop-up menu select Turn on BitLocker link.

select Turn on BitLocker

4) - In the new window, check Use a password to unlock the drive. Gave a fairly good password, then click on Next.

Gave a fairly good password

5) - Here select Save to a USB flash drive option, to save the unlock key.

Save to a USB flash drive

6) - A window displays the connected USB drive. Click Save.

clic Save

7) - After saving, click on Next.

After saving, click on Next

8) - Select Encrypt used disk space only, and click on Next.

Encrypt used disk space only

9) - A warning window will appear. Click on Start Encrypting button. With this finish.

Start Encrypting

Using a USB flash drive, the BIOS must support USB devices before the system startup.

After scanning, remove, because the key information is not stored encrypted, so the attacker can gain easy access to all databases!

1) - When you open the USB flash drive, will see only BitLocker key.txt. The system this file open for decryption.

BitLocker key txt

2) - If a fatal error occurs, open the file and follow the instructions.

follow the instructions


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