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Activate the game mode

Windows Tips & Tricks

Activate the game mode

»» 22.AUG.2020 / updated: ---

Activate the game mode: With its May 2020 update, Microsoft made it available to gamers as part of the Windows system by fixing errors in the Game Mode service. The game mode improves performance on Windows 10 by providing more system resources. To start the game mode, simply press the Windows-Logo + G buttons from the keyboard.

Activate the game mode

If the boot does not work with buttons, you can find the setting by clicking the Start Menu in the lower left corner of the screen, then Settings icon, then the Game link, finally in the left menu of the setting window that appears click on the link Game Mode.

Quick tip: While playing, you can even record a video of the game, or search for an online game partner and many other setting options.

The most powerful computers are not severely affected, but if you have a low-performance computer, or if you have a lot of programs open, tasks, or processes running in the background, activating Game Mode can be useful because the system adds more resources to the game, so if the game stopped so far, then it will probably run smoothly from now on. In addition, Microsoft intends to improve the service in future updates, so at least it's worth knowing where you are and you can gain setup experience in the meantime.


In the settings window, you can choose to receive types during the game or not. To activate, click the General button and select the check box. Click the Accounts button on the right menu bar to share photos, videos, or listen to music if you sign in to Spotify and more.

Settings in window game mode


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