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Malicious software removal tool

Windows Tips & Tricks

Malicious software removal tool

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Malicious software removal tool: Microsoft usually installs the latest version of the Malicious Software Removal Tool (MSRT): Update ID: KB890830 every second Tuesday of the month, called Patchday, but users do not it also deals with it, noting at most that such an application is included in the update.

Microsoft Patchday:

It usually appears on the second Tuesday of each month. Security updates are installed automatically if the Automatic Updates service is set up correctly, but only if you have an active Internet connection.

Enable automatic updates:

Click the Start menu button (Windows -Logo button) in the lower-left corner of the taskbar, then the Settings button and select Update and Security. To manually check for updates, click the Check for Updates link in the new window.

Manual start:

If you want to see the search program running at runtime (not just when it runs invisibly in the background sometimes), do the following:

Quick tip: The tool focuses on detecting and removing active malware, but only removes certain malware. It does not replace an antivirus program.

1.) To start the anti-malware tool, press the Windows + R buttons on the keyboard at once and type the mrt command in the Run window that appears, and press the OK button. The program will appear slowly, be patient for a few seconds.

press the Windows + R buttons

2.) Nu faceți nimic în prima fereastră, faceți clic doar pe butonul Next.

3.) After selecting the appropriate scan mode on the program interface by checking the radio button, you can manually start the virus scanner with minimal knowledge by pressing the button Next.

you can start the virus scanner manually

4.) Finally, when the scan is complete, click Finish. Of course, if it detects potential viruses or malware, follow the instructions in the removal program.

follow the instructions in the removal program

Ready. Finally, you can close all windows.


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