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Activate OneDrive

Windows Tips & Tricks

Activate OneDrive

»» 27.DEC.2020 / updated: ---

Activate OneDrive: Pictures taken with your phone, camera, or photos, videos, or music downloaded from the Internet often take up a lot of hard disk space. OneDrive simplifies storage and also saves computer memory for accessing files on devices. The feature is part of the system and is built directly into Windows 10. Simply click the cloud icon at the bottom right of the clock on the taskbar. Or on the up arrow.

Activate OneDrive

If it does not run, turn it on manually

  1. Click the Start Menu icon in the lower left corner of the screen.
  2. Scroll down to the program OneDrive and click on it.
  3. Once started, you can log in and use.

Quick Tip: You need to create a Microsoft account to use it, but if you're already using Outlook or Xbox Live, you already have a Microsoft account, just sign in.

With this feature, you can back up photos, videos, and other files, or you can simply upload them to a storage space with a base size of 5 GB. If you need a file, anywhere in the world, simply connect to your OneDrive cloud-based repository with your Microsoft account and you can already download the files you need, which you can share with others in the standard structure of the Windows 10 folder.

Start OneDrive and set it up


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