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OneDrive contre le virus d'extorsion

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OneDrive contre le virus d'extorsion

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OneDrive contre le virus d'extorsion: A ransomware is a malicious program used by cybercriminals to make money by indiscriminately attacking the data on the computer of an individual, a company or any organization by encrypting files with their own encryption program. In case of attack, two options remain:

  1. Payment for description.
  2. Formatting the hard disk drive, also deleting the extortion program.

But it will delete all confidential company data, personal data, family photos, videos and any data stored on computer. The solution may be to back it up as soon as possible.

OneDrive backup

The Microsoft team in Redmond offers an option built into Windows in the event of a cyber attack. Save your data when you install Windows, or if you haven't, save your system files and your own files, documents, pictures, videos, and more to your free OneDrive cloud-based storage location now.

OneDrive backup

If the free base size of 5 Gb is not enough, more can be requested, even up to 100 Gb or more for a fee. In the event of an attack, in all likelihood, you can format the hard drive and recover all data from OneDrive without loss, so the price paid for higher storage costs much less than losing all data and paying a ransom.

Astuce rapide: Whatever antivirus software is installed on your computer, you should always make sure to back it up regularly. Open suspicious emails only if you are sure of the sender's identity.

Do the following

Users can find the OneDrive setting by clicking Start Menu in the lower left corner of the screen, then on the icon Settings (gear icon), then on the link Update & Security. In the left menu of the window, click Windows Security link. In the Security Settings window, click the link Virus & threat protection.

Virus & threat protection

In the new window that appears, scroll down to the entrance (Ransomware protection).

Ransomware protection

By clicking the Setup OneDrive button below the entry, you can turn on cloud-based storage to back up all your files on your computer by following the instructions in OneDrive.


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