Látványos trükk a Slide to Shutdown

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Látványos trükk a Slide to Shutdown

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Látványos trükk a Slide to Shutdown: If you want to free up space on your computer or just don't want to use this cloud-based service anymore, you can permanently delete the program.

However, before deleting, it is worth getting more information about the use, because it has more advantages than disadvantages. Before you start uninstalling, read the description on this page to see if the security app is useful. OneDrive security settings ..

OneDrive security settings

If you decide to delete OneDrive from your computer, do the following:

  1. Click the Start Menu in the lower left corner of the screen.
  2. Then the Settings icon.
  3. Then on the Apps link.
  4. In the Apps & features window, scroll down to the Microsoft OneDrive program icon, and click the icon.
  5. Scrolling down the uninstall button. If you click this Uninstall button that appears in the drop-down section, the system will uninstall the program.

Uninstalling OneDrive

Quick tip: If you need the program later, you can download it from the Microsoft Store and install it.

After removal, only the program disappears from your computer, files uploaded to the cloud remain and become available at any time by opening the Microsoft OneDrive online site with any browser, where you can continue to access and share files with your Microsoft account information anytime, anywhere.

OneDrive is available online on this site if you have files registered and uploaded: OneDrive ..


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