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Database program. Applicable on all Windows systems for modifying the registry base. i.e.: Automatically removes arrows from icons on the Desktop. More than 50 data base settings can be changed.




Updating Windows Drivers. The regular incremental updates are essential for performance and security because the Computer speed and performance depends on the current drivers state.




Windows Hyper-V Virtual Machine. In Windows 8 and 10 are implemented very useful new features, including virtual machines. Anyone can create their own virtual machine at any time.

Snipping ToolSnipping Tool

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Snipping Tool: There are several ways to capture an image on the monitor screen while using Windows, whether it is images, text or a visible part of the site you are visiting, or even a smaller portion of the visible part

Of course, a lot of external programs can be downloaded from the Internet, which offers more options, but they are tools built in Windows that allow all of them such as rectangular section cut, full-screen cut, or free-form cut using the so-called pencil selection that allows drawing with an irregular line around an object or region with the free hand, and allows you to save or send others by email, or you can only upload this cropped part to Facebook or other distribution portals. If you want a full screen capture using just the keyboard, find it, description here ...

» Free-form screenshot

If you do not want to capture the whole screen (only one image or another small detail), you will need a Windows Access tool that is installed with the system. This tool is in the folder: C:\Windows\System32\ and is called: SnippingTool.exe

This tool is in the folder: C: - Windows - System32

» Using the cutting tool

  • - Press the buttons simultaneously Windows LogoPress the buttons simultaneously Win + R R on the keyboard. In the window Run, type the SnippingTool.exe command, then press the Enter button, or click OK

type the SnippingTool exe command

Or, simply download this precompiled, compressed command file that will launch the program as soon as you click on it. (unzip on Desktop and click snip.cmd). Download ...

» Rectangular cropping

If you've succeeded in launching the SnippingTool, click the down arrow next to Mode, and from the drop-down menu, click Rectangular Snip

Rectangular Snip

The screen passes slightly into a transparent white. Allows you to take a rectangular catch by dragging the cursor around an object, and using the menu in the top bar of the window, you can add text, color, or erase any portion

Edit Rectangular Crop

» Free-form Snip

Do the following: Open the SnippingTool program using the methods described above and click the Mod button, then select Free-form Snip in this case keeping the left mouse button pressed continuously, you can create customized images. The selected region will become slightly darker and a blue scissors will appear in place of the cursor, and will be surrounded by a red border

Free-form Snip

Once you've finished typing, the captured region is automatically copied to the edit window, where you can add notes, save or share capture with others on facebook, etc. Note: The menu bar appears at the top of the program only after the image is inserted

save or share capture with others on facebook

By email: It can be sent by e-mail using the File button on the menu bar. It offers two options: "E-mail recipient" and "E-mail recipient (as attachment)". You must have a paired e-mail client for this setting on your computer. Outlook or Thunderbird.

It can be sent by e-mail

» Saving cropped images

Using any of the above features, to save the image to your computer, click the File button from the top menu, left, then choose the link from the drop-down menu Save as ...

save the image on your computer

In the File Manager window that appears, click on the down arrow on the right side of the File Type field to choose multiple file types. Finally, click on the Save button

Saving cropped images

» Note:

It is recommended that you save image files in JPG or PNG format, in this case the file size will be optimal for email or upload to Facebook or other file sharing portals

The description is long, but after a little exercise anyone can make image cropping in just a few seconds


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