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Phone screen captures

The right combination of keys

Phone screen captures

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- Camera on your phone helps you take pictures at any time about what you see from outside, but you can make a picture of what you see inside, that is, what is seen on the screen of your phone, from settings, from an open image, from a web site, etc. It requires nothing more than just the operating system itself and the buttons combination on the phone.

Phone screen captures

In new Android and Windows Phone systems, embedded features are included to capture an image, but many users do not know it's possible without an external device, such as a camera or other extra programs, as a result, it can get a picture clearer

Screenshots on Android

Do the following: Google's Android operating system includes the capture feature if Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich) is installed on the smartphone, or a newer version is running on phone. There are two ways to make a screen capture, but of course, depends on the manufacturer and there is little difference on each version in the way you do it

1.) - First general functionality: - (Tested on Android 4.4.2, LG). Press and hold the Volume Down Button and Power Button for one second (1-2 seconds).

This is usually the case for Huawei, Google Nexus, HTC, Motorola and Samsung Galaxy S8 and Notes 8, Sony, ZTE, but can be different, refer to the user guide supplied with your phone.

First general functionality

2.) - Second general functionality: (Tested on Android 5.1.1 Samsung phone): Press and hold both the Power Button and Home Button for a moment (1-2 seconds)

This combination usually includes Samsung 5.0. (Lollipop) to the Galaxy S7.

Second general functionality

Finally, if you've combined the button on your phone, the built-in camera shutter sound will sound (if the sound is on), the screen shakes and flashes for a second. Ready. The image is saved in Gallery, in the Screenshots folder. You can view it in the file manager or in the Photos album.

The image is saved in the Gallery

(Attention: The phone connected to a computer, the images are stored in the Images or Pictures folder, in the Screenshots subfolder). It's so simple.

images are stored in the Images folder

3.) - If this is not so simple: Press and hold the Volume Down Button, and Power Button for a moment (1-2 seconds). Next, scroll through the notification pane and touch the Capture + icon on your LG phone. On Lenovo, Asus, Acer, Huawei and Honor phones, touch the Take screenshot.

Capture + icon

On Android with older version

4.) - Android Root Method: - That means rooting your Android mobile phone. Previous versions of Android did not allow screenshots on your device without being rooted. This was a security feature that prevented malware downloads and stolen personal data. (Caution: rooting the phone may cause / terminate the warranty).

Create screenshots on Windows Phone

5.) - In Windows Phone 8: Press and hold the Home Button and Power Button for a moment (1-2 seconds).

Start and Home Button

6.) - In Windows Phone 8.1 and 10: Press and hold the Volume Up Button and Power Button for a moment (1-2 seconds). When an image is captured, "Save in Screen Captures" is displayed at the top of the screen, and is stored in the Images / Screenshots subfolder.

Saving in Screenshots

On Windows Phone, unlike Android, do not press the Volume Down Button but on the contrary, hold down the Volume Up Button.


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