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USB Password Reset Disk

Windows Tips & Tricks

USB Password Reset Disk

»» 18.AUG.2018 / updated: 14.DEC.2019

USB Password Reset Disk: For logging into Windows, we are working to create the most secure passwords, protecting the privacy of unauthorized users. The problem is that more complex passwords are easily forgotten, so we exclude ourselves if we forget the password, which can even reinstall the system by deleting all the data that is on the system partition.

Create new login password


The Microsoft team from Redmond, which operates in Washington, constituent state of the U.S., also thought of this case when creating a disk password reset option that is part of Windows 10 and for use was made available for free.

Note: If you forgot your password during login, it is not possible to create a recovery disc later, so create one as soon as possible, start right now if possible. It takes only a few minutes, even if the description seems to be long. When logging in to Windows, just connect the flash drive to your computer and you can easily create another login password at any time.

What you will need: Flash drive (pendrive).

Quick tip: Save all data on your device because it needs to be formatted.

Create USB password reset stick

First step: 1.) Insert the flash drive into the free USB port of your computer.

Insert flash drive into the free USB port

2.) Click This PC (MyComputer) on the desktop to open the Devices and Drives window. Click the flash drive with the right mouse button, and from the mouse menu that appears, select Format.

From the mouse menu, select Format

3.) Set the format in the NTFS file system and click the Start button.

Set the format to NTFS file

4.) A warning window appears. After all the data has been saved from the drive, click OK. The program formats on an NTFS file system. Ready.

A warning window appears


Step Two: Open the Forgotten Password Wizard using the following code:

  1. At the same time, press the Windows -Logo + R buttons on the keyboard and enter the following code in the Run screen that appears:
  2. (Or select with mouse, and then copy and paste it into the Run window by right-clicking on the previously selected code, and in the pop-up menu, choose Copy, in the Run window right-click and choose Paste from the mouse menu).
  3. Finally, hit Enter or click OK on the Run window.

rundll32.exe keymgr.dll, PRShowSaveWizardExW

Enter the code

Quick tip: The method of entering the code is simple and fast. The method below requires more operations.

Open differently

1.) Open the control panel (click on the bottom left, the "START" button and scroll down to the "Windows system" folder, which contains the Control Panel link). In the Control Panel window that appears, click User Accounts to open it. (If this window doesn't look the same, click the down arrow on the top right, and select „Large icons”).

Open the control panel

2.) On the left, click the link Create a password reset disk.

click on the Create password reset link

3.) The same window appears as after entering the above code. Click the Next button after reading the informative text.

read the informative text

4.) Automatically detects the drive. If does not find a connected device, sends a warning message. If there is more than one, select from the appropriate drop-down menu by clicking on the small arrow down. Finally, click Next.

Automatically detects the unit

5.) In the new window, you will need to enter the current password that will be used when you sign in.

enter your current password

6.) Start the closing process. The current password is stored in the flash drive. Place it in a safe place, so that no one else can access only the owner.

The password is sent to the unit

7.) The password recovery disk is now ready. Click Finish.

The password recovery disk is ready

Quick tip: Attention! Do not remove (pull) the USB flash drive as it will cause data loss. Next to the clock, click the up arrow on the taskbar, right-click the flash drive icon, and then click Eject. More detailed here: Error Pendrive (flashdrive).


1.) Once you enter an incorrect password, you can restart the system by entering a new password on the login screen as follows. Click the Use a password reset disk link Use a password reset disk.

Use a password reset disk

2.) The password reset wizard appears immediately. Click Next.

The password reset wizard appears

3.) Be sure to connect the USB password recovery drive, and select the appropriate one from the drop-down menu (if only one will recognize it immediately). Click Next.

Connect the USB password recovery drive

4.) Instead of your old forgotten password, enter another one, then confirm it in the next line, enter the same password again, and then enter any reminder text in the bottom line. Click Next.

re-enter the same password

5.) Ready. Once you have clicked the Finish button (Finish), you can login with the new password. The Expert window will automatically disappear and the authentication window will appear. Enter the new password to log in.

you can login with the new password

Quick tip: Note: If you use Windows at work or school, or if not you the account owner, you not have possibility to change the password because the administrator may have blocked the access.


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