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Change Desktop Background

Windows Tips & Tricks

Change Desktop Background

»» 29.OCT.2020 / updated: ---

Change Desktop Background: Windows 10 is installed with basic settings, but the Microsoft team from Redmond, which developed the system, gives you the option to change the settings as you like, so the customizable settings allow you to change the desktop wallpaper as well. It is a customization setting, which can be one image or even more, which is automatically replaced as a slide show.

You can customize the devices

The best selection is to collect family images, or other images you like in a folder and select the slide show option. For this method you need to select the path to that folder through file explorer. There are two ways to open the settings window:

  1. Right-click on a free space on desktop, then in the menu that appears, left-click the Personalization link.
  2. Click in the taskbar in the lower left corner the Start Menu, Windows -Logo icon, then the link Settings. Here, in the new window, click on the link Personalization.

Quick Tip: You don't have to set all the images separately, Windows will automatically find the next image in the specified folder.

To use an image as a background, select "Image" from the drop-down menu under "Background." As in previous versions, Windows 10 comes with a few basic images to choose from, or you can click the "Browse" button and search for your own image.

Set the image matching mode

Once you have selected an image, or if you have selected a slide show, from a folder that contains multiple images, you can select how the image will fit on your desktop. You can select to fill the screen, match, desktop extension, etc.

High contrast settings

If you want to see the system windows with different colors, called contrast colors, which change the text more visible on applications, click the link Hight contrast settings. A window will appear where you can activate this option. Adjust the "Off" slider to position On and the system changes colors in an instant.

Hight contrast settings

Of course, you can adjust the contrast to "Dark" or "Light" if you turned on the hight contrast, by clicking the small down arrow below the Choose a theme entry, and selecting the appropriate one from the drop-down menu.


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