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What licence run on computer

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What licence run on computer

»» 16.APR.2020 / updated: ---

What licence run on computer: There are three types of Windows 10 licenses: Retail, OEM, and Volume License (of course there is a fourth, but not legal).

What's the difference

The Retail License is actually the complete license when you purchase a copy of Windows 10 from a store or an online store. Retail involves the purchase of the package in a box containing the system, the license and the documentation of the product), and does not apply to a single computer, ie it can be transferred from one computer to another after it has been deleted from the previous computer and then activated with this key on another computer.

The second, the OEM license, is used by computer manufacturers to supply their computers with Windows 10 pre-installed. For example, if you buy a new computer or laptop pre-installed with Windows 10, the license type is OEM. This license cannot be transferred from one computer to another.

Quick tip: Nowadays, OEM product keys are built into the BIOS / UEFI firmware to prevent license theft.

The third is volume licensing and is generally used by governments, educational institutions and large companies. Because they buy more, they get licenses at a much lower price than a regular user who buys one or two licenses.

How to find the type

Make a simple command to see what kind of Windows 10 license you have.

Step 1: Press the buttons simultaneously Windows -Logo + R from the keyboard.

Step 2: Type: CMD in the Run window that appears, and then press Enter.

Step 3: In the prompt command window (that appears) enter the following command: Slmgr –dli. Then press Enter.

Quick tip: If do not respond to this command, enter it as follows: Slmgr /DLI.

Pressing Enter opens the Windows Script Host dialog box, which contains the Windows 10 license type.

What licence run on computer

Ready. If you didn't know what Windows license is on your computer, by now you will know.


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