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The latest version of Windows 10

Windows Tips & Tricks

The latest version of Windows 10

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The latest version of Windows 10: For the current Windows 10 system, developed by Microsoft engineers, it releases new versions approximately every six months. And on the second Tuesday of each month (also known as Patch Tuesday), it launches minor fixes, security updates, with which it tries to fix the errors that appeared in the last month.

Quick Tip: For several reasons, you should install the latest version of Windows 10, as it may include new features, compatibility with another program, or a solution for an error in an older version.

Sometimes it appears later:

Due to the language that stretches across the continents, not everyone receives the remedies that appear every six months at the same time. Microsoft is slowly distributing updates to PCs, carefully measuring and testing issues with each update. For example, for a particular computer or laptop, manufacturers are developing increasingly new security hardware and software that Windows needs to be adapted to work properly.

However, the biggest problem is that users use the system for up to a year, or more, without worrying about security, simply by running older versions of Windows 10.

Global data:

A survey conducted in November 2020 found that only 8.8% of Windows computers had the most recent update since October 2020, and 37.6% of computers had the previous update since May 2020. More than 50% of PCs have run 2019 or earlier versions of Windows 10.

Quick Tip: Due to Microsoft's prudent upgrade strategy, some computers may be delayed in receiving the latest update while resolving compatibility issues.

How to check the version:

To check the version installed on your computer, press Windows -Logo + R on the keyboard simultaneously, and type the word „winver” (without quotes) in the Run window that appears, and then press Enter. In the About Windows box displayed, next to the „Version” entry, you will find the current version number.

About window with the current version

To get the latest version:

To check if you have the latest version of Windows 10 installed on your computer, use an official program from Microsoft, called "Windows 10 Update Assistant" that downloads and installs Windows 10 with the latest service updates on your device, if any necessary. If you have the latest version, it notifies you that "In your computer is the latest Windows version installed."

Download the Windows 10 Update Utility and the English instructions for using it here: Update Assistant »»

Download utility and instructions in English

Quick Tip: If you scroll down the Microsoft page above, you can download Windows and save it in an ISO file format that you can later write to a flash drive or flash drive so that you can install it several times, or on multiple computers.

Attention: The Update Assistant installs the new version even if you have a known issue on your computer. Windows will ignore the problem and install the new version. Microsoft recommends that you first check for a known issue with your system.


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